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Dent Removal – Paintless Dent Repairs

***** The Dent Shed established several years ago has grown to become one of the prominent companies in the market place for paintless dent removal. Working along side the insurance companies, The Dent Shed has developed a name of excellence taking on most of the work and providing accurate and generally realistic quotations for customers within 15 minutes. The quality workmanship produced by this company makes it a stand out amongst the industry and obviously developing industry confidence amongst its client base. As a result of this, it receives a 5 star for performance and quality service.

Paintless Dent Removal Training

***** To work in the industry of paintless dent repairs, it is not a matter of going to TAFE or other educational institutions as no real courses exist like other careers that have qualifications. Having looked around, the stand out in terms of price versus performance (well very few list pricing), at $3600 for a 5 Day Course,  PDR Training has moved forward and set the standard with a consistent training programming and graduates being produced several times a year. From what I can tell, there are no requirements for franchise arrangements but graduates are provided with support in the 12 months following the course. Paintless dent repairs is not only a career, it is a business venture! People looking for a career change need to consider this component. If you wish to learn PDR, feel free to contact PDR Training 0408020468.

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